I teach coaches how to use Paperbell to streamline & automate their online business so they can get more clients with ease.

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The Paperbell Society | Automation Made Easy For Coaches is where you can find other high-vibe coaches who are learning how to automate and streamline their businesses using my favorite all-in-one tool for Coaches, Paperbell.

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I'm Chada!

It’s sha-day. I know it looks like cha-duh :)

I’m Tech Strategist & YouTuber here to help non-techie coaches like you with the behind-the-scenes tech stuff so they can ditch the tech overwhelm and get more clients with ease.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You don’t know which platform(s) to choose when it comes to running your coaching business. 
  • You’re not sure where to start when it comes to the tech (watch this video!)
  • You’re not techie, but you’re willing to give it your all so you can get things running smoothly in your biz.

That’s why I created the Behind-the-Scenes Tech Roadmap For Coaches.

To help you get unstuck and moving with the tech set up in your coaching business so you can finally get things automated and have more time to make an impact in your client’s lives!